EMAZE was founded in 2000 and is focused on information security. Specifically it is specialized on the security problems diagnosis and management. He works for the companies with networks composed by at least 10.000 devices where the implementation of the international standard, the compliance with law, the best practice adoption are very complex to achieve. To do this he designed a security suite where the Vulnerability Management module (ipLegion) is the core of the solution that is customizable for any scenario.

To supply to the customer the expected efficiency, EMAZE research the new vulnerabilities in the OS, in the interfaces, in the firmware; if possible the script correspondent to a remote diagnosis is inserted in the ipLegion database, otherwise the new skill is included in the services that are provided to the customers through the consultancy division. Emaze employs 82 people in 2 branch offices. In the Trieste one he concentrates the R&S activities with 30 researchers.