MONTIMAGE is a French SME located in Paris. It is a research oriented company that proposes its know-how and tools for monitoring and testing networks and services. The tools are dedicated to help operators improve the quality of their services as well as the reliability.

MONTIMAGE relies on innovation to deliver competitive tools and know-how that provide end-to-end monitoring solutions integrating functional, security and QoS analysis of network communications. For this we have developed an integrated modular set of tools that makes it possible to perform traffic inspection based on formal models used to specify the expected behaviour and attacks. The techniques used allow the inspection of message exchanges at all levels, from the application down to the data link layer (i.e. OSI layer 2-7). The tool set is called MMT (Montimage Monitoring Tool) and includes: the data extraction module, the functional and security analysis module; the traffic analysis module (based on DPI) to obtain real-time visibility of traffic statistics, KPI, delivered QoS, etc. and, the reporting and alert module. It allows the integration of specialised and mitigation modules, and can take advantage of different multi-core and hardware configurations.